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Solent Locations to Visit



Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight is a picturesque fishing, ferry and yachting port widely regarded as one of the jewels of the South Coast. The deepwater harbour retains its old world aura while visiting yachtsmen will find a range of amenities which are very much up to date and accepted as being among the best in the South.

Yarmouth Town is well stocked for provisioning and chandlery, and visitors will find no shortage of hostelries, cafes and restaurants for inner refreshment. With the advantage of accessibility at all states of the tide, Yarmouth has much to offer the yachtsman and makes an ideal transit point for passage-making across the Channel.

The Needles:

The Needles

The Needles are the western most point of the Isle of Wight and are a series of chalk stacks produced by the decomposition and wearing away of the rock in the direction of the joints or fissures with which the strata are traversed.

Nearby is Alum Bay, which is home of the famous coloured sand. The sea around the Needles was notorious for shipwrecks so the first lighthouse was built in 1785 on top of the downs. The current one dates from the 1850's. A helicopter pad was added in the 1990's when the lighthouse became automated. It is called the 'Needles' because there used to be numerous 'pinnacles' jutting out of the water, one of these was a lofty conical rock, 120 feet high, known as Lot's Wife, which fell into the sea, in 1764, with a crash and a roar audible at Portsmouth harbour 10 miles away!



Cowes is a renowned yachting centre on the Isle of Wight and the Home of World Yachting. It has played host to some of the greatest international sailing events and has a sailing history second to none. It has witnessed some of the most magnificent and traditional yachts ever seen and been the focal point for Royalty from all over the world to come sailing.

It is also home to some of the most famous Yacht Clubs with the most famous being The Royal Yacht Squadron which was founded in 1815 and the first Club to establish organised yacht racing in the UK and becoming the principal authority for devising racing rules and handicapping.

From early April until the end of October there are an enormous number of events, which attract a wide range of classes of racing yachts, dinghies and powerboats to Cowes. The town becomes a hubbub of activity, the pubs, restaurants, shops and accommodation all do roaring business and there is a great social friendly ambience for everyone to enjoy. The Solent is awash with colour of sails and brightly coloured spinnakers.

The River Hamble:

The River Hamble

The River Hamble is at the heart of the sheltered waters of the Solent and is protected from the open sea by the Isle of Wight. It benefits from a two hour stand at high water and is an ideal base for cruising whether one's horizons are limited to the Solent and Isle of Wight, or extend further afield on the South Coast, the Channel Islands or France.

The River Hamble Authority, Yacht Clubs, Marinas and Boatyards extend a welcome to all visiting yachts and craft. Whilst being recognised as the home of British Yachting, the River Hamble has a wide variety of leisure and commercial activities including three sites of Special Scientific Interest, a Nature Reserve Country Park and a 3km public right of way.

Beaulieu River:

Beaulieu River

The Beaulieu River and the 18th century shipbuilding village of Buckler's Hard occupy a superb location surrounded by oak woodland within the Beaulieu Estate.

Buckler's Hard has been in the private ownership of the Montague family since it was founded in 1724. It was here that wooden ships for the English Fleet were built and the village today retains much of the atmosphere of its shipbuilding origins.

The uniquely situated Yacht Harbour offers 110 berths in a beautiful and sheltered reach of the Beaulieu River. Full marina facilities include toilets and showers and launderette, fuel, yacht valet service and boat builders, to name but a few are available.

Visitor attractions nearby include the National Motor Museum, Palace House, Beaulieu Abbey and Monastic Life Exhibition plus additional rides and drives which combine to form one of the country's most enjoyable visitor attractions.

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