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Sealine S34

At Sea Interior

The S34 performs all of its myriad tasks without any fuss, and at a competitive price. It appears unfussy because many of its qualities and details are initially not so obvious. Most noteworthy and widespread is the intelligent use of glass fibre mouldings, such as in the engine room to make cleaning easier, overhead as the simple 'clamshell' recess for the canopy, and forward as adaptable anchor locker stowage.

The layout borrowed from the S37 feels bigger than it really is, with ten opening ports and an escape hatch in both sleeping cabins, natural light and ventilation below. The fore cabin berth cushion splits neatly down the middle, combined with the corresponding hinged lid beneath; this is an excellent solution to the perennial problem of how to get to the huge under-berth storage without pulling a muscle.

It's not difficult to manoeuvre the S34 very deftly indeed, and it felt comfortable in the small chop at all speeds, whether cornering hard or straight-lining.

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