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About Us

About Duck-2-Water

A passion for boating

Duck-2-Water was founded in 2001 by Paul Drake. As an enthusiastic boat owner for many years, it was always Paul’s dream to make his passion for boating into a way of life and a career.

Paul is the Principal of the Duck-2-Water RYA Sea School, as well as being the lead skipper for boat charters, accompanied trips and cruises in company.

Duck-2-Water’s home base is Ocean Village Marina in Southampton SO14 3XB, UK with access to the Solent, the South Coast of England, France and the Channel Islands. We are planning to go ‘international’ soon with the first of our sea schools in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

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Our Aim

Our team of skippers and instructors have all been carefully selected for their boat handling, local knowledge and skills in imparting their knowledge to others in a calm and confident manner.

Our aim is to provide a full and comprehensive service to boating enthusiasts. If you would like to buy your first boat, we are here to listen to what you are trying to achieve and give completely impartial advice, so that you purchase the right yacht charter for you. When you need to gain confidence or qualifications, our RYA Sea School can help at all levels. If you need to buy items for your boat charter, contact our Discount Chandlery for prices. We will even look after your boat so that all you have to do is step on board and drive away.

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Charter & Events Management

Our Charter and Event Management team have been working in the marine industry for many years, gaining the contacts and knowledge to make any event a success. You can rest assured that whatever type of event you book, each and every detail will be checked and attended to, as we understand the importance of everything running like clockwork.

Duck-2-Water arranges and manages events of any type and size, whether it is a private charter for a special occasion, or a corporate charter for valued clients and colleagues. Days on the water for 2 people or 250 – whatever you have in mind, we are here to help.

All of our services have been carefully researched and put together to offer the boating enthusiast a professional, high quality ‘one stop shop’ for whatever you may need.

Click here to view full information of power charter boats, charter sailing boats and charter RIBS available.

RYA Training Courses

Duck-2-Water offer a complete range of RYA practical powerboat training and RYA theory courses. This covers everyone from complete beginners, right through to experienced boaters. We want learning to master the techniques needed to be both exciting and rewarding. With this in mind, we try to keep courses friendly and relaxing. Our aim is to help you learn and develop confidence in your skills.

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Charlie Williams
I have just completed the level 2 powerboat handling course at Duck-2-Water with Brian as my instructor and two other students.I was extremely excited to get stuck in with this course and Brian’s teaching style accommodated for this as we were on the water within half an hour of the course start time.It is very hands on and you learn a lot in a short amount of time but it is taught in a fun and engaging way. You are assessed on your practice throughout the two days in an informal manor which made the whole experience very comfortable with as little stress as possible.I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking around other places to take this course.
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Robert Teare
Completed RYA Powerboat Level 2 with Brian. Really enjoyable course with a great instructor. Would recommend using Duck-2-Water for this and future courses.
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Hugo Lyons
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Jenny Whelan
Great day - very informative. Highly recommend. I feel that I now know how to use a radio. Thanks for a fantastic day.
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Steve Freeman
Wry informative day with Brian!
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Ocean Rave
Just completed my Level 2 Powerboat Course! Really enjoyed learning all the skills both the theory and practical. Our instructor Paul was really clear in his instructions, no question was too silly to ask so really learnt every aspect of the course. Thanks Duck 2 Water had a great weekend and looking forward to starting my boating journey!
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Jessica Cottam
I just completed the Level 2 motorboat course. As a beginner it’s amazing how much knowledge and confidence I came out with after 2 days. Paul was the best teacher, patient, clear and kind! Really recommend. 3 people per course so a-lot of time for questions and practice on the boat! Thanks so much!!
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Joe Burland
RYA Power Boat 2 course was excellent!
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Daniel Walker
Brilliant one day first aid course, with our lovely instructor jimbo. Would highly reccomend.
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Freya Anderson

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We offer a carefully selected fleet of Yachts’ to offer a wide variety of luxury, quality and performance. From power boat charter, luxury motor yachts, RIBs and unique sailing yachts, we are confident that we have something for you. Whatever the occasion for your corporate charter or private hire..

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