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Solent RIB Boat Charter

High Speed Boat Fleet

These lively, fast and fun craft provide adrenaline junkies with the excitement and speed they crave! Nothing comes close to the sheer exhilaration as the RIB charter carries you at top speeds of around 40-45 knots, a guaranteed white knuckle ride of a lifetime.

Our RIB charter, a RIBcraft 6.8 with 200hp Suzuki outboard engine, driven by Duck-2-Water’s expert qualified MCA RIB skipper, can take you at breathtaking speeds around the Solent, and into little creeks and inlets that are inaccessible to larger craft. The RIBs Charters are excellent for assisted RIB Charters for newly qualified Powerboat Level 2 students who are looking for mile building RIB Charter options.

the solent ocean marina - Solent RIB Boat Charter

Solent Events

These agile boats are ideal for getting right to the heart of the action of the many Solent Events. The views of racing yachts or vessels such as Tall Ships from a RIB charter are unique and will provide unique photo opportunities for the steady-handed.

Treasure Hunts

For Stag days and Hen days why not try a RIB treasure hunt? Using our fleet of matched RIBs, water and land-based clues take you from one end of the Solent to the other, and at the end, you will find the ‘Treasure’!

Available for Charter

Just a note of caution, you need a reasonable level of fitness and mobility for Solent RIB boat charters, and RIB Hire is not suitable for those with neck, back or joint problems.

A selection of our RIBs for Charter in the Solent are shown on the following pages, more RIBs are available for boat hire on request.

ribcraft 585 - Solent RIB Boat Charter

Ribcraft 585

Our RIB charter, Ribcraft 5.85 with 135hp Mariner outboard engine can take you at breathtaking speeds around the Solent. This RIB is suitable for Private Hire, Sailing Regatta Support or Photo Shoot Boat.

matched event ribs - Solent RIB Boat Charter

Matched Event RIBs

Our fleet of identical boats can be customised to fit your corporate image and are ideal for Corporate Hospitality, Corporate Entertaining, RIB Treasure Hunts, Stag Days & Stag Weekends, Hen Days & Hen Weekends, RIB Experience Days, Team Building Days or many more exhilarating days.


As suggested by its name, a rigid inflatable boat (also known as a RIB) is a boat with a rigid hull that is surrounded by inflatable tubes that provide buoyancy. The vessel is equipped with shock-absorbing features that render it ideal for use in any kind of weather condition and enable it to operate at high speeds in a manner that is far safer than that of other boats.

In the 1960s, RIBs were initially created as rescue boats for the RNLI. The purpose of the inflated rubber tubes was to provide protection and reduce damage when approaching other boats in choppy waters.

Therefore, a RIB operator may be assured that minor errors in judgement or execution won’t result in costly repairs. The tubes can be used as big, cushioned ‘bumpers’ while approaching a dock, whether it’s a concrete quay, a floating dock (sometimes called a pontoon), or another vessel. Instead of shattering or splintering like wood or glass fibre would, they will absorb the impact and save you from harm.

To improve the boat’s load capacity in relation to its size, the RIB tubes offer an extra layer of buoyancy (flotation). Therefore, the boats can accommodate big groups of people in addition to their watersports gear. However, even if the RIB’s solid hull is compromised, the tubes will keep the boat afloat until it can be towed to safety.

The RIB tubes not only provide additional stability when turning at high speeds, but also when the boat is at rest and the crew and guests are boarding.



Because of its durable construction, RIBs may be used to a wide variety of purposes. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution popularised them in Britain, and since then they have found widespread usage in a variety of other contexts, including law enforcement, military operations, diving missions, tourism, and guiding.

Due to their versatility, RIBs have increased in popularity among many maritime enthusiasts. The cabin no longer only has jockey-style chairs; instead, it now has more leisurely seats and a variety of devices and technologies to make the journey even more pleasant. These boats also give water sports enthusiasts the chance to pull inflatable equipment, wakeboards, and water skis.


A RIB’s almost indestructible inflated collar and tubes highlight how steady they are. There is no need to be concerned about stability problems developing even at such high speeds that could bother other lightweight boats. The fact that the military and law enforcement employ RIBs for crucial operations suggests they are reliable and effective for a variety of tasks requiring stability. 


RIBs were initially designed for rescue operations; therefore, they need to be robust and able to sustain strong motors. A boat with this kind of high-performance design can go at thrillingly fast speeds with ease.

Simple to Manoeuvre

The strong v-hull of a rigid inflatable boat makes it easy to manoeuvre like a conventional boat. Being so light allows them to manoeuvre quickly and deftly in tight quarters and when passing other vessels.


No matter the vessel, safety at sea is always the first priority. In the event of an accident, the inflatable sides will soften the blow and keep everyone within safe. The inflatable sides offer soft padding for passengers even in choppy circumstances, improving comfort.

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