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RYA Powerboat Level 2

Level 2 Powerboat Handling Course

Would you like to learn to drive a powerboat or RIB confidently and safely in just 2 days?

Develop your skills behind the wheel of a powerboat to become confident and competent in handling a powerboat or RIB. This hands-on course will provide you with the safe driving and handling skills necessary to execute short day trips in your powerboat if you are new to the sport of power boating. In addition to the new skills gained you will also be presented with your powerboat licence (Powerboat Level 2 Certificate) and the option to apply for your international power boat licence – ICC.

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Course Duration: 2 Days in Southampton

(Or shorter Powerboat Level 2 Direct Assessment evaluation sessions for seasoned drivers (up to one day).

Minimum Age - 12

(The minimum age to enrol in the Level 2 Powerboat Handling course is 12, although a commercial endorsement cannot be achieved until the student reaches the age of 17.)

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The powerboat level 2 handling course not only teaches students the skills and foundational knowledge necessary to operate a powerboat competently, but it also serves as the foundation for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) your international powerboat licence.

The RYA Powerboat Level 2 Syllabus is delivered mainly out on Southampton Water with some topics presented in a classroom setting with a student-to-instructor ratio of three attendees to one instructor, and it covers the topics listed below:

  • Launching and recovery
  • Powerboat handling
  • Securing to a buoy
  • Anchoring
  • Leaving and coming alongside
  • Safety equipment
  • Man overboard
  • Leaving and returning to pontoons
  • Basic navigation
  • Collision prevention regulations
  • Boat design
  • Engines and drives

Our boats ~ with 7m Ribcrafts as our main teaching boats we have invested considerably so that you get to use quality kit in great condition. Each RIB is fully equipped for training up to Advanced level and are fitted with the latest powerful 200HP Suzuki outboard motors, Icom VHF Radios and Garmin electronic chart plotters.

Our instructors ~ we ensure that our instructors are teaching 100% ‘Best Practice’ and have a process whereby we constantly review their sessions to ensure that you get the most productive and enjoyable experience from your time with us. All teach because they love boating and we work with them to constantly ‘upskill’ their qualifications and experience.

Our history ~ we started the sea school over twenty two years ago and have grown a reputation for delivering on our promises. Our clients range from individuals with their own craft to large national corporates and UK based marine companies.

What is included in the course price? ~ when you undertake your Level 2 Course on our boats then the price you pay includes Fuel (often charged as extra at the end of courses by schools) plus of course free parking on an availability basis. We do not charge extra for VAT.

Coastal endorsement ~ As we are a coastal based school, we are able to award powerboat licences with a coastal endorsement with all our courses being held at Ocean Village Marina, Southampton SO14 3XB UK (near Shamrock Quay Marina & Ocean Quay Marina) and in the Solent area.


The qualification known as “Powerboat Level 2” is also often referred to as “Powerboat Handling Level 2.” Those who have obtained their Powerboat Level 2 certification are eligible to submit an application to the RYA for their Powerboat ICC (International Certificate of Competence), which is valid for boats up to 10 metres in length.

The RYA Power Boat Level 2 course is the gold standard of powerboat education, and its length of two days allows students ample time in both hands-on powerboat instruction and theoretical navigational study. The purpose of a powerboat level 2 course is to instil the necessary skills for operating and operating a powerboat safely. While the course content may seem comparable to that of Powerboat Level 1 at first look, the additional time allows for a far more in-depth examination of each topic, greatly increasing the student’s potential for organisational learning.

Theory time will be spent learning about different types of boats and their advantages and disadvantages, different types of engines and drives, how to use power tilt and trim tabs, how to perform safety checks, how to stay afloat, how to recognise other boaters, how to apply the collision regulations (IRPCS), how to comply with local ordinances, how to tow and be towed, how to communicate in an emergency, how to send and receive distress signals, how to prevent fires, and how to fight fires.

The first day of the training focuses on honing your skills in handling the vessel in tight quarters, while the second day teaches navigation and gives you plenty of practise time to put your newfound knowledge to use.

Our second day of training focuses on navigational basics including reading maps, calculating tides, identifying buoys, and navigating with a compass. We next put our newly acquired knowledge to use by creating a brief pilotage plan and carrying it out.

If you choose, you can apply for your ICC from the RYA once you have attained the level at which we can grant the Level 2 certificate. Once you obtain the necessary paperwork, and when you submit it along with a photo and a copy of your certificate, you will be issued a licence. Your ICC is free if you are a member of the RYA; otherwise, it costs about £50 per person. Coincidentally, joining the RYA costs nearly the same, so we normally recommend joining first to receive the ICC for free. If you join the RYA before attending your course please enter Joining Point Code No 920082657 on your application.

The Level 2 certificate can occasionally be obtained without completing the entire course. This process, called Direct Assessment, takes a half-day to one day. (Let us know if you interested in pursuing Level 2 in this manner.)

This powerboat course teaches you the basics of handling a powerboat including safety and navigation. It essentially provides you with the skills you need to charter a powerboat on your next trip away or abroad.

When you take the PB2 course with Duck-2-Water, qualified RYA instructors will provide training on a modern and fully-equipped powerboat. Your instructor will cover the following topics with you during your 2 days with him or her:

  • Launching and recovery
  • Powerboat handling
  • Securing to a buoy
  • Anchoring
  • Leaving and coming alongside
  • Man overboard


The RYA theory element of the Powerboat Training Level 2 course will cover the types of craft and their respective advantages and disadvantages, engines and drives, use of power tilt and trim tabs, safety checks, personal buoyancy, awareness of other water users, application of the collision regulations (IRPCS), local bylaws, towing and being towed, communication with other craft, emergency action, distress signals, fire precautions and fire fighting, and rope work.

Depending on how an individual powerboat instructor structures the course, the second day may involve a practical assessment of boat handling capability. This will involve undertaking manoeuvres learnt earlier in the course. This test can be taken on its own without undertaking the Level two course. This is known as Direct Assessment and can lead to the award of a powerboat level two certificate.

A further consideration when attending a powerboat level two course is where you take it. Coastal based schools award certificates with a coastal endorsement. This means that the student has learnt in conditions where tides and currents must be considered. Generally speaking, if you intend using your boat in coastal waters ensure that you undertake a level 2 course with a powerboat coastal school.

You do not need to have attended a Powerboat Level 1 Course in order to do this course. If you have already attended a Powerboat Level 1 course you will find that a benefit, however, no prior boating experience or powerboat training is necessary or essential if you want to take the course, and it is open to anyone over the age of 12.

The RYA Powerboat Level 2 ICC Course suits both those with extensive boat handling experience and those who have never stepped onto a boat before.

A further consideration when attending the RYA Powerboat Level 2 ICC Course is where you take it

We are allowed to give certificates with a coastal endorsement because our school is located on the coast, and all of our classes are hosted at Ocean Village Marina, Southampton SO14 3XB UK (near Shamrock Quay Marina & Ocean Quay Marina), as well as other locations throughout the Solent region.

This means that the student has learnt in conditions where tides and currents must be considered. Generally speaking, if you intend to use your boat in coastal waters, ensure that you undertake a course with a coastal school.

This is a criteria that is commonly required by employers as a bare minimum. After obtaining this degree, students have the opportunity to continue their education and earn their International Certificate of Competence (ICC), which is a necessity for working with boats in other countries.

Your development of a solid foundational understanding of boat management, navigation, and seamanship will be the primary focus of the training you will get. Following the completion of the course, you will be able to “bolt on” additional practical experience in order to properly solidify the knowledge that you received during the course.

The RYA PBL2 course is an excellent approach for anyone considering purchasing a boat to develop into a more “informed buyer.”
When evaluating the vast array of vessels available for purchase, being surrounded by so many boats and having the opportunity to debate the benefits and drawbacks of the various models with the Instructor is really helpful.

If you own a boat and want to insure it through the Royal Yachting Association, holding the RYA powerboat 2 qualification could help you save money on your premiums.

Will the RYA Powerboat Level 2 license expire?

No, the Powerboat level 2 license does not expire. However, if you have not handled a powerboat or RIB for some time then we also offer refresher sessions or mile building experience days. These PB2 refresher days are also a fantastic way to build on your skills should you not have access to a RIB or powerboat having completed your powerboat training.

Please email, WhatsApp or phone Duck-2-Water for more information on these PB2 refresher/Solent orientation days.

The powerboat level 2 course (PB2 handling course) runs over 2 consecutive days or shorter as a direct assessment for experienced drivers.

You can book your 2 day course securely via the online calendar on our website.

For the powerboat level 2 direct assessment option please email, WhatsApp or phone Duck-2-Water.

For the Level 2 Powerboat course the minimum age is 12, but a commercial endorsement cannot be obtained until the age of 17. It is recommend all Powerboat drivers under the age of 16 are supervised by an adult who holds the same Powerboat qualification as a minimum.

Following the Powerboat Level 2 most students apply for their International Certificate of Competence (ICC) so they can drive powerboats up to 10m abroad, typically on holiday.
Then the next two most common Theory courses are the RYA VHF Radio Course and The RYA First Aid Course.
The next practical course to attend after the Powerboat Level 2 is the Intermediate Powerboat Course. This is a really great course that gives you the theory and practical skills to be able to make slightly longer passages than you would have undertaken on the Level 2 course and is known as the ‘Powerboat Day Cruising’ course for good reason.

No, the RYA powerboat level 2 course also known as the PBL2 assumes no prior experience. The powerboat level 2 course is a great foundation Powerboating course and can be attended by anyone aged 12 or older.

The maximum student to instructor ratio on a Powerboat course is 3:1 per powerboat or RIB.

This is dependant upon the local laws of the country you are driving your powerboat or RIB in but typically you can drive any powerboat up to 10 metres in length with any horsepower engine.

Please contact the RYA Certification Department who will advise you the process to obtain a replacement Powerboat Level 2 Certificate.

Yes, the powerboat level 2 is the equivalent to a UK boat license.

This licence is mandatory to ensure that you are aware of the safety procedures and can operate the vessel confidently.

After successfully completing the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course, you can then apply for an International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.) if you plan to operate a powerboat in Europe.

ICCs are required in many European countries when using or chartering vessels. It shows your competence and is essential to skipper a boat in the Mediterranean or European waters. The Powerboat level 2 course suits those with extensive boat handling experience and those who have never stepped onto a boat before. Once you have successfully completed your Powerboat Level 2 course with Duck-2-Water you can apply to the RYA for your ICC at the following webpage ICC Application

On successful completion of your Powerboat Level 2 course Apply to the RYA at the following webpage for your powerboat licence up to 10m in length; ICC Application

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