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RYA Advanced Powerboat

Advanced Powerboat Course

The Advanced Powerboat course is designed to teach advanced handling and navigation techniques for powerboats. It’s an extension of the Level 2 Powerboat Course, which covers the basics of powerboat handling and safety.

The course is more challenging than the level 2, and focuses on developing the skills needed to handle powerboats in more challenging conditions, such as rough seas and strong currents.

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Duration: 2 Days (Late night finish 1st day)

Minimum Age = 17


Individual Bookings

£375.00 per person

(We do not charge extra for VAT, Fuel or a Fuel Surcharge)

Group Bookings

2 Persons – £365.00 per person
3 Persons – £355.00 per person

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Online Bookings

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Likely Participants

The advanced powerboat course is suited for both keen amateurs and budding professionals users alike. Participants should possess a number of years experience and already be very capable powerboat handlers as it is assumed that attendees can perform all of the elements of the Powerboat Level 2 course with ease.

In addition they also may have attended the Intermediate Powerboat Course. Equally, attendees should have chartwork and navigation skills at the standard of RYA Yachtmaster theory. Whilst having already achieved Day Skipper theory it is not a prerequisite it is strongly recommended as it ensures that no time on the course is wasted addressing a shortfall in capability in this area. In addition attendees must hold current RYA First Aid certificates and RYA SRC Certificates.

The advanced powerboat course is aimed at experienced amateur powerboaters and professional users. It is a two day course and aims to teach boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation up to the standards required to drive a planning powerboat safely by day and night in tidal coastal waters with which the candidate is familiar.

To enroll in this course, you must possess a National Powerboat Certificate/ Powerboat Level Two (Coastal) and have a high level of navigation and chartwork knowledge equivalent to the Yachtmaster Shorebased certificate. It is also strongly recommended that attendees have already achieved the Day Skipper theory certificate, as this ensures that no time is wasted addressing any knowledge gaps in this area.

Attendees must also hold current RYA First Aid certificates and RYA SRC Certificates to be eligible for this course. If you’re unsure about your capability in any of these areas, you can contact us, and we’ll be happy to assess your skills quickly.

Additional Powerboat Level 3 course dates can be scheduled for groups of 2 or more. Plus, private and highly personalised Intermediate Powerboat training is available on a one to one basis.


The RYA Advanced Powerboat Syllabus provides the training needed to operate a powerboat in tidal coastal waters, day, or night, with confidence and proficiency.

Preparing the Powerboat

Before heading out on the water, you’ll need to carry out a series of checks and preparations to ensure your boat is ready for the journey ahead. These include fuel and engine checks, securing gear, and stowing items appropriately. Additionally, for twin-engine vessels, you’ll need to be familiar with the differences in handling characteristics.

Boat Handling

A key area that the exam assesses is your boat handling skills. You’ll need to be able to manoeuvre your craft confidently and accurately in a variety of conditions, taking into account the effects of wind and tide. This involves being able to control the boat’s speed, direction, and stability, as well as being able to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Understanding Hull Forms and Propeller Configurations

Different hull forms and propeller configurations can impact your boat’s performance, and understanding these characteristics is essential to safe handling in rough weather conditions. The course covers the proper use of power trim and trim tabs and teaches you how to manoeuvre through buoyed channels and transits, as well as berthing and leaving mooring buoys. It also covers the importance of using an appropriate length of kill cord at all times.

Pre-Trip Planning and Coastal Passages

Pre-trip planning is critical, especially when it comes to making coastal passages. The syllabus includes instruction on how to take into account relevant navigational hazards, the type of boat, and the strengths of your crew. Chartplotters and radar are also covered, including their advantages and limitations.

Navigation Using Soundings and Meteorological Trends

You will learn how to navigate using soundings and interpret shipping forecasts, including the Beaufort Scale and their significance to small craft. You’ll learn how to apply the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and make informed decisions based on meteorological trends and synoptic charts.

Handling Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, it’s essential to know the correct procedures to follow. The syllabus includes training on fire prevention and fighting, hull damage, and watertight integrity, medical emergencies, towing, and being towed, and helicopter rescue procedures. The use of flares and the recovery of a man overboard in all available conditions are also covered.

Awareness of Wind and Tide

When you’re out on the water, wind and tide can have a significant impact on your ability to manoeuvre your craft. As such, the RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat Exam places a great deal of emphasis on understanding these factors and their effects. You’ll need to be able to adjust your approach and tactics, accordingly, taking into account the prevailing conditions and any changes that may occur.

Responsibilities of a Skipper

As the skipper of a powerboat, you’ll have a range of responsibilities to fulfil. These include ensuring the safety of your passengers and crew, complying with relevant regulations and guidelines, and making decisions that are in the best interests of everyone on board. During the RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat Exam, you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of these responsibilities and show that you can fulfil them effectively.

Safety Equipment and Responsibilities

The syllabus covers the appropriate safety gear based on the recommendations in the RYA booklet C8 or the Codes of Practice for the Safety of Small Commercial Vessels. Candidates must understand fire prevention and fighting, hull damage, watertight integrity, medical emergencies, towing and being towed, VHF emergency procedures, helicopter rescue procedures, use of flares, man overboard, sector search, lifejackets, and life rafts.


The RYA Advanced Powerboat course is an intensive training program designed to teach advanced navigation and boat-handling skills to powerboaters. This course is suitable for those who have already completed the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course and have gained some practical experience on the water. The course takes place over two days and covers a range of topics, including:

  • Advanced navigation techniques
  • Pilotage in challenging weather conditions
  • Boat handling in rough seas
  • Night navigation
  • Search and rescue protocols
  • Emergency procedures

The RYA Advanced Powerboat course is essential for powerboaters who want to take their skills to the next level. The course covers advanced navigation techniques, boat handling skills, and safety protocols, which are essential for safe and confident boating in challenging weather conditions. By completing the RYA Advanced Powerboat course, you will:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to navigate and pilot a powerboat in challenging weather conditions.
  • Develop the confidence to handle your powerboat in rough seas.
  • Learn essential safety protocols and emergency procedures to keep yourself and your crew safe on the water.
  • Expand your boating horizons and tackle new challenges with confidence.

The RYA Advanced Powerboat course is an exciting and challenging training experience. Over the two days, you’ll receive expert instruction from experienced RYA instructors and have the opportunity to put your skills into practice on the water. Here’s what you can expect from the course:

Day One:

  • Advanced navigation techniques, including passage planning and pilotage in challenging weather conditions.
  • Boat handling in rough seas, including high-speed turns and close quarter handling.
  • Night navigation and pilotage
  • Emergency procedures and search and rescue protocols

Day Two:

  • Consolidation of day one’s learning
  • Building on boat handling techniques and navigation skills
  • Practical exercises and scenarios to put your skills into practice.
  • Assessment of your skills and knowledge

Taking the RYA Advanced Powerboat course offers many benefits to powerboaters, such as: –

  • Improved Navigation Skills: The course covers advanced navigation techniques such as passage planning, pilotage in challenging weather conditions, and night navigation. These skills will help you navigate with confidence and safety, no matter what conditions you encounter.
  • Increased Boat Handling Skills: The course covers boat handling in rough seas, including high-speed turns and close-quarter handling. You will learn to master your powerboat in any conditions, giving you the confidence to tackle any situation on the water.
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount when it comes to boating. The RYA Advanced Powerboat course covers essential safety protocols and emergency procedures, including search and rescue protocols. You will learn how to keep yourself and your crew safe on the water.
  • Expanded Boating Horizons: By completing the RYA Advanced Powerboat course, you will gain the confidence and skills to take on new challenges and expand your boating horizons. You will be able to tackle challenging weather conditions and navigate in unfamiliar waters with ease.
  • Professional Development: The RYA Advanced Powerboat course is internationally recognized and can be a valuable addition to your professional development. It may be required for certain jobs in the boating industry, or it may simply enhance your credibility and marketability as a powerboater.

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